So, who is Calum Finnigan you ask?

Well, I’m a 3D Artist, but my background is in Fine Art, oh and did I mention that I’m a bicycle mechanic too?

If I had to describe myself I’d say that I’m an “ideas guy”. Maybe it’s nature, maybe it’s nurture or maybe it’s just something in the water, but my braincase has always teemed with (often crazy) ideas. I’ve made abstract sculptures, invented charcters, filmed myself eating whole lemons, created a science fiction animation, found solutions to complicated mechanical problems and (I’m particularly proud of this one) turned an old bed frame into a trebuchet.

Ideas are great, but only if you can realise them, right?

Well … I can do that too. I pick up new tools, techniques and programs quickly and can figure out complicated processes and pipelines. I have a good working knowledge of industry standard software including Photoshop, Maya and After Effects and open source programs like Krita and GIMP. I’ve got excellent general computing skills and I can work a DSLR too.

What else do I do?

When I’m not working on my portfolio I spend my time riding bikes, devouring sci-fi novels, climbing rocks, absorbing video games and learning C++.

If you want to know more about me or my work, fire me an email and I’ll get back to you ASAP.

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Edinburgh College 2016-2018, HND 3D Animation

Edinburgh College of Art 2009-2013, BA (Hons) Intermedia Art


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